Image of Cody Brunner

I’m Cody Brunner. I live in Bogotá, Colombia, where I work on software of the future.

After several failed attempts at higher education and a stint in the US Navy with a tour in Afghanistan; I found myself working graveyard shift as a CNC laser operator and hating my life. I started teaching myself how to code as early as 2012, but never really thought it could be a career. It was not until I was six months away from an engineering degree that my heart was not in anymore that I decided to take the plunge and go all in on teaching myself software development.

Growing up and spending roughly 30 uninterrupted years in the "middle of nowhere" Kansas; I made the choice to move across the country to Portland, Oregon in 2018. I spent two years there working my first job in the tech industry before moving to Colombia in 2020. I have been living outside of Bogotá and working on remote teams ever since.

I met the love of my life here on the "inter-tubes" in 2014 in a language exchange chat room. After many years of being friends we got the chance to meet in person in 2019 and began dating. We tied the knot here in her home country of Colombia in 2020 and it has been home since then. When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my wife, weight lifting, traveling, learning guitar, tinkering with my Raspberry Pi, and smoking meats and cheeses.

I shipped the first iteration of this website in 2016 through GitHub Pages with just HTML & CSS. Over the years it has mostly been ReactJS using frameworks like NextJS and GatsbyJS. Hosting for the most part has been through Vercel; however I now use Fly. This iteration has been built with Astro & TailwindCSS with the blog running on the same with MDX.