My Portfolio

After several years in the industry here is a few of the projects I have worked on over the years. From personal projects to open source contributions to professional work.

  • Logo for Appointlet Chrome Extension

    Appointlet Chrome Extension

    Chrome Extension for Appointlet.

  • Logo for Appointlet Dashboard Application

    Appointlet Dashboard Application

    Dashboard for user's to manage their meetings and meeting types for Appointlet.

  • Logo for @appointlet/appointlet-js


    JavaScript SDK for Appointlet.

  • Logo for citax


    A Calendly clone written in Elixir and Phoenix LiveView.

  • Logo for

    DM is the simplest free messaging platform to engage your community on web/mobile/SMS. No ads. No algorithms. No app download required.

  • Logo for ectogram


    An Instagram clone written in Elixir and Ecto

  • Logo for microauth-vkontakte


    Vkontakte OAuth strategy for the MicroJS framework.

  • Logo for pardall_markdown


    Reactive publishing framework, filesystem-based with support for Markdown, nested hierarchies, and instant content rebuilding. Written in Elixir.

  • Logo for rehype-code-titles


    Rehype plugin for parsing code blocks and adding titles to code blocks.

  • Logo for tic-tac-toe


    Tic-tac-toe written using the React Context API.

  • Logo for WAO Fintech

    WAO Fintech

    The world's first crypto investment platform.

    WAO Fintech

  • Logo for weather-app


    Weather App that makes use of the OpenWeather API.

  • Logo for Weeldi


    Weeldi is the easiest way to automate any task you do on the web w/ NO coding required

  • Logo for XLR8


    Arrive Logistic offers scalable capacity solutions. Our customer-obsessed team strategically delivers unmatched scalable capacity solutions.